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27 Feb 2017

Zodiac Sign Love Traits - Part 2

Zodiac Love Traits

If you missed part 1 of this post, then click here first to read about Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.


Libras are in love with love! They have a bit of a rose tinted glasses approach to love; they will gloss over a partners shortcomings for the sake of romance. They are quite happy for a partner to have interests outside of their own, as long as there is some sort of emotional dependence on each other. They want to be cared for, feel supported and admired. A partner making too many demands of them would be the most likely cause of a break-up, which is why Aries would make a good match as they are happy to take the initiative to be alone and self-sufficient some of the time.


To a Scorpio – love means passion. They become deeply attached and can be possessive although they will try to hide their emotions in public. They are dominant, faithful and true to their feelings. They are tender, but not necessarily romantic. They are ambitious in life, but love with often inspire them. Scorpios don’t easily forgive or forget, so wounding them in love will likely end the relationship. Taurus is a complementary sign; they help Scorpio to be less self-critical and reproachful of others.


To a Sagittarius – love is an adventure; they are bound to have had holiday romances. They are very happy when they feel loved; in partnerships they are generous, honest and good natured. They want to feel secure in a relationship, but they are not easy to tie down. There needs to be compatibility on the humour front as well as an intellectual match for things to work out in the long run. A partner showing signs of jealousy or possessiveness will cause Sagittarius to move on…Gemini could work as a love match, showing Sagittarius how to notice details more and learn to light the way rather than dictate the way.


Capricorns can be shy, private and awkward especially in matters of the heart, but they do find love inspiring. They would only ever flirt with intent – never just for fun! Saying ‘I Love You’ would be a very big deal – and don’t imagine it would be a daily occurrence…They look for long-term commitment, financial security, family life and to be cared for and admired by their considerate partner. Their strong sense of family makes a break up hard to consider, the decision would weigh heavily, but once taken a parting would be swift. A Cancer sign could work as a partner, together they could sense other people’s needs as well as how to express their emotions.


Aquarius can seem aloof in matters regarding love, but really they are afraid of deep commitment. They are open and friendly and as such have no problem attracting attention from the opposite sex, but they need friendship first for love to be an option second. They would think long and hard before living together or marrying, and even if they did they would want reassurance over their freedom of movement and choices. If a relationship ends it is likely caused by Aquarius feeling their freedom is being limited. Leo makes a good match, they teach Aquarius to build emotional self-confidence and show them how to make choices that are good for the partnership.


Love is a revitaliser for Pisces, but they need to feel affection, love and romance for it to be considered the ‘real deal’. They are romantic, and also adaptable in a relationship, they will commit deeply on an emotional level. They don’t take well to being criticised by their partners, they want to feel cherished and cared for. They need to feel that their dreams are valued, they would frequently want to be reminded of your love for them, and important dates in the relationship should be remembered and celebrated. Pisces will very often want to stay friends, even after a relationship has ended; not feeling lovable enough is a likely cause for a break-up. Virgo signs are a good match, as they are accepting of Pisces and their own imperfections.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin