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20 Oct 2017

The Major Arcana - Part 5

The Hanging Man Tarot

We continue delving into the Major Arcana Cards in Tarot.

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So, now we move on to the next five cards:

The Hanged Man (XII)

The Hanged Man is a card of two meanings. In the first it represents being stuck or caught in a situation – you will need to ride it out and wait patiently as you begin to transition to your next life phase. Often the waiting is to do with finances or perhaps a personal sacrifice you need to make. Don’t fight against it – just deal with the situation. The second interpretation means you need to stop holding on to your current opinion about the matter in hand – only by viewing the problem from a new perspective will you get the understanding you desire.

Death (XIII)

Those new to Tarot naturally fear selecting The Death card, but in fact the death is symbolic and not literal – it usually means a major change is afoot. You are likely to be changed by a major event or some other great life transformation will occur. You should embrace the change, simply put – one chapter of your life is closing in order for a new one to begin. The transition may be trying and difficult, but in the long run you will grow on a personal and spiritual level and you will benefit in the end.

Temperance (XIV)

The Temperance card is a warning to not move to the extremes, now is a time to be more moderate and balanced in all aspects of your life. Perhaps you have been burning the candle at both ends, or maybe one area of your life – such as your career is getting all of your attention. Or it could be that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle – eating the wrong thing, drinking to excess and so on. It is time to take stock, and put your life back in balance, and ensure that your material needs are not outweighing your spiritual needs.

The Devil (XV)

The Devil card has more than one meaning. It may describe a situation in which you feel trapped. It doesn’t necessarily describe any one area; it may be a general feeling of hopelessness – as though you cannot escape from your situation. But equally it may be very specific – such as a job you feel is going nowhere or a relationship that is not growing. Its secondary meaning is of an addiction – this could be some sort of substance abuse, but equally could be a relationship or an emotional demeanour. Although the overwhelming feeling of this card is that there is no solution around the corner – there is in fact an answer – but you must be prepared to search for it!

The Tower (XVI)

The Tower is a shocking card – it normally represents a fall from grace, something dramatic will have happened in your life, it’s shocking as it is so unexpected. There is an element of embarrassment, perhaps the outcome has become public – it could be anything from a relationship breakdown to bankruptcy… Whilst on the outside it appears as if the event is a bolt out of the blue, when you think deep-down, you will know that things have actually been brewing for a while. At the time things will be very difficult, but rest assured that you will be able to look back on this time as a blessing, as something that happened for good reason.

Ref: The Fortune-Tellers Bible, Jane Struthers

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin