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27 Oct 2017

The Major Arcana – Part 6

Tarot: the Star

We finalise our series on the Major Arcana Cards in Tarot. If you missed the earlier articles, then you can catch up by visiting the links at the bottom of the article.

So, now we move on to the final 5 cards:

The Star (XVII)

One of the meanings of The Star card is regarding spiritual enrichment, you will feel spiritually nourished by a relationship or enterprise, on an emotional level this will be very satisfying, but it is important to remember that this is just one aspect of your life and you should not focus on this solely. The second aspect of this card is ‘wishes’, placing this card can mean that a wish you have cherished will be granted. If you have been unwell or are just experiencing difficulties in your life, then this card signifies an end is coming and you can look forward to better times. The card is about having faith, trust and optimism – it is time to look at the good side of life, everything will turn out okay in the end.

The Moon (XVIII)

Do you feel confused, in a tangle or just perplexed? Then it is no surprise this card should be in your spread, it very much describes muddles that need to be sorted through. It is time to face facts – only when you separate fact from fiction will the situation be clarified and understood. The Moon can represent a situation unfolding in ways that you were not expecting, it is possible that some trickery is involved – perhaps someone is trying a double-deal on you or some sort of deceit is taking place. But this may be more in your imagination and it is case of take off the ‘rose tinted glasses’ and see the real light. Now is no time for hiding – better to see the truth!

The Sun (XIX)

This is the card that we want to see in a spread we draw, as you would imagine The Sun card represents happiness, joy and contentment. The feelings of joy can come from all sorts of places, a loving relationship, a fulfilling job, a creative pastime and more… Occasionally the card may predict the arrival of a baby! But equally can foretell travel – likely somewhere hot. Whatever your situation you can rest assured that any difficult aspects of your life will soon be coming to a conclusion.

Judgement (XX)

One meaning of Judgement is exactly as you might expect, it is all about thinking about how we review and judge others. Are we judging someone too harshly and asking them to meet impossible standards? Are we blaming them as it is easier to apportion blame than to look at ourselves and any failings we might have? The second meaning is connected, in the sense that it is about giving someone a second chance, or giving the benefit of the doubt. The card also suggests that you should keep going with challenges, nothing good comes from falling at the first hurdle. Lastly the card can represent a form of re-birth.

The World (XXI)

As the card title suggests The World is connected to travel, but it is likely to represent a more significant journey than just a holiday. Perhaps you are emigrating to another country or embarking on a gap-year? Fittingly the card also describes the closing of one aspect of your life and the beginning of another – it will mark a major change. When you get this card, you should know it means you have many options and solutions at your fingertips – probably far more than you realise. Success and Triumph is yours for the taking!

Ref: The Fortune-Tellers Bible, Jane Struthers

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin