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July 25, 2014

The reading of palms (Palmistry) has its roots in India where Roma Gypsy fortune-tellers would practise the art. But the method did spread to China, Greece and other areas of Europe. It became one of the most widely practised forms of divination. Today Palmistry is […]

First date

Preparing for a First Date

July 11, 2014

First dates are always nerve-racking – trying to come up with something imaginative to do, worrying about conversation – will it flow easily or will there be awkward silences, will you have chemistry… Although it is hard the best approach is to relax as much […]

White runes

Rune Divination

June 28, 2014

You might have heard the term Runes, but perhaps you are unsure of how they are used to divine the future…Well, they are based on an early writing system used for Germanic languages dating back to 150AD. They were used for divination purposes between 100BC […]

Easy Pay

Easy Pay

May 2, 2014

Have You Tried Easy Pay Yet? Easy Pay is a new way to be in complete control of your psychic readings. •    You can spend as much as you wish and take as long as you like on a call from 5 minutes to 110 […]

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

December 10, 2013

People often confuse a psychic with a medium, or a clairsentient with a reader, or more often than not, lump them all in to one big bag, and expect them to be able to do the same things. But each individual has a unique connection […]

Astro Travel Guide

Astro Travel Guide

December 3, 2013

Are you packed and ready to go? Even if you’re ready, your companion ‘sign’ might still be sorting socks (if he or she is a Virgo, that is). Check out this handy guide to see what you can expect when travelling with your favourite zodiac […]


Ghosts, Paranormal & Hauntings

November 26, 2013

I saw my first ghost when I was 13 years of age in 1955. Maybe that’s when I first developed my interest in the paranormal. I was a boy scout living deep in the Warwickshire countryside. The village was Berkswell and the scouts met in […]

When to Consult a Psychic

When to Consult a Clairvoyant?

November 19, 2013

Before consulting a Clairvoyant, consider what you bring to the consultation. Think about the energy that surrounds you, where your ‘mental state’ is at. What are the pressing thoughts and how do they make you feel? What emotional state are you experiencing and what attitude […]

Relationship Expectations

Relationship Expectations

November 12, 2013

Every single relationship that we have with another person can be seen in terms of a contract, and the relationship you have with a Clairvoyant Reader is no exception. The relationship contract is always made up of unstated, usually unconscious, agreements between people about how […]



October 29, 2013

All Soul’s Day – All Saints and Martyrs Day – Samhain Among the Ancient Celtic people who lived in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the North of England, the year was divided into two seasons: winter from November to April, and summer from May to October. […]

Fate, Good Karma & Destiny

Fate, Good Karma & Destiny

October 22, 2013

Are our lives preordained? The concept of fate suggests as much… The word fate comes from the Latin ‘fatum’, meaning, ‘what has been spoken’. In almost all ancient cultures, the ‘word’ was a powerful tool, a pronouncement was considered law even if unwritten. A person’s fate […]

Fate & Freewill

Fate & Freewill

October 15, 2013

As a Clairsentient reader, who uses both Tarot and Astrology as tools, and teaches it to others, I am asked at least once a fortnight about the role of Freewill and how it affects what is fated to occur in someone’s life. Firstly, I hear […]

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